Design and Quality. Quick and easy use.

Your new way of meeting with friends.

A simple and elegant way to colour your barbecue.

Innovative, sturdy and high-quality design.

The Best Pellet Barbecue

Colours to suit every taste

  • Easy to Use

    Fast and easy. Avoid long waits. Barbecue ready in just a few minutes.

  • Economic

    You only need 1kg of pellet. Just € 0.25 and enjoy more than 1h of a fantastic grill.

  • Take it wherever you want

    It occupies little space and is easy to transport, it is also very resistant. Does not require fixed installation. Take your ARGHOME Wood Pellet Grill wherever you want, at your friends’ house, at the campsite, at the beach, on your boat, or wherever you want.

  • Durability

    It is designed and manufactured with high-quality materials, special paintings and stainless steel components. Its grill, made of cast iron with an enameled treatment, has great durability.

  • No smoke

    Almost smoke free. Something unusual comparing with the rest of wood or charcoal barbecues

  • Healthy

    It is healthy since food is not in direct contact with fire.

  • Ecological

    It is 100% renewable. It works with biomass, a kind of fuel whose emissions have a neutral balance of CO2. Besides, the ashes are a perfect fertilizer for your plants.


It’s your BBQ-Grill

barbacoa exterior

Because Design is part of your life

Amazing and innovative design with great functionality.
Surprise your friends with a touch of exclusivity and style.

Spend time with your friends

In a few minutes you can start to enjoy a healthy and delicious barbecue. Cook anywhere because you don’t need gas or electricity. almost smoke-free. wood pellet-burning bbq!

Because only the best is enough

Whatever way you look at it, quality and durability are priceless.

We are absolutely responsible for the environment

It uses fuel that respects the environment.

Biomass is a sustainable and inexhaustible resource, that’s why it works with wood pellet.

barbacoa pellets

We love saving our clients money

Don’t you think it’s better to spend your money on food? why should you spend it in fuel or electricity?

You can cook only for €0.25 x 1 hour. INCREDIBLE, DON’T YOU THINK?

Instant cleaning

It’s very easy to clean, simply with water and soap.

The grill is cleaned in a few minutes.