MARTINE Dual Wood & Pellet Grill

Dual Barbecue. Natural Wood/Charcoal & Pellet Grill

MARTINE Dual Wood & Pellet Grill: THINK BIG.

You choose:
Do you like embers?
Do you prefer fast prepare bbq and
smoke free with pellet grill?
Maybe in both things at the same time?

Versatile and elegant BBQ.

barbacoa portatil de pellets de leña o de carbon

Choose your Color

barbacoa portatil de pellets, leña y carbon burdeos
barbacoa portatil de pellets, leña y carbon antracita
  • Quality has weight

    Quality and resistant materials.

    MARTINE Dual Wood & Pellet Grill weighs more than 80 kg as a whole, but don’t worry, it is designed so that you can move it effortlessly thanks to its resistant wheels.

barbacoa portatil
barbacoa dual
  • Versatility without limits!

    Are you from traditional barbecues?

    MARTINE Dual Wood & Pellet Grill has a large stainless steel grill with oils tray allows you to make your roasts with wood or charcoal.
    You have 3 levels of height.
    It also has a separate case for the collection of ashes.

  • Maybe you are one of those who like perfect cooking.

    Use the pellet grill. No direct flame, no smoke, ultra fast ignition in less than 5 minutes, economical, clean…
    What more could you want?
    In addition, the autonomy of the pellet burner is more than 1 hour and a half.

barbacoa facil de limpiar
  • Easy to Clean

    With its exterior in epoxy paint it is easy to clean.

    Use soap, a soft sponge and dry it with a cotton cloth.
    You will have your MARTINE Dual Wood & Pellet Grill as the first day.

It’s your BBQ-Grill

barbacoa exterior

Because Design is part of your life

Amazing and innovative design with great functionality.
Surprise your friends with a touch of exclusivity and style.

Spend time with your friends

In a few minutes you can start to enjoy a healthy and delicious barbecue. Cook anywhere because you don’t need gas or electricity. almost smoke-free. wood pellet-burning bbq!

barbacoas exteriores

Because only the best is enough

Whatever way you look at it, quality and durability are priceless.

We are absolutely responsible for the environment

It uses fuel that respects the environment.

Biomass is a sustainable and inexhaustible resource, that’s why it works with wood pellet.