Frequently asked questions about our Wood Pellet Grill system

What is Wood Pellet Grill?

It is an elegant way to enjoy your barbecues with friends or family.

As it is easy to use, fast and clean, it is not necessary to spend too much time cooking your roasts, so make the best of your time.

Besides, it gives a touch of exclusivity and style.

What is Pellet?

The wood pellet is a biomass or ecological granulated fuel that comes from the recovery or use of wood derivatives.

It is considered the cleanest solid fuel that exists.

Its CO2 balance is completely neutral.

What are the advantages of using Wood Pellet Grill from bbt?

It is fast and simple. Practically smoke free and easy to clean.

Wood pellet does not dirty anything. It is very easy to store and it is also safe because no electricity or gas are needed. It is a powerful heat source.

Your barbecues will be always ready at any place and time.

How do I light up my ARGHOME Grill?

The ignition is very simple and fast. You should fill the burner with wood pellet (preferably a good quality pellet).
For a quick and efficient ignition, follow the following steps:

  1. Fill the burner with wood pellet. Please don’t fill it completely (only 2 cm. below the side holes, as shown in the following picture).
  2. For a quick and efficient ignition, impregnate pellet with barbecue fire gel or light up with fuel briquettes. Be careful if you use some ignition oil as it is very liquid and can cause an undesired fire.
  3. Use a lighter or a match to light your grill and wait. Pellet should burn in 5-10 minutes.
  4. Place the enamelled cast iron grill.

In 5 minutes your grill temperature will be up to 150ºC and in 15 minutes it will be over 250ºC.

It’s so easy, it’s so fast.

What can I do with ashes?

As opposed to other barbecues or other charchoal/wood grills, ashes of ARGHOME Grill are deposited in their own burner. You can simply throw them in the trash or even pour in your plants. It is a magnificent fertilizer.

Is it easy to clean?

Yes, very easy to clean. You just need to clean the grill. The rest is not necessary to clean.

To keep clean the enamelled cast iron grill, simply clean it with water, neutral soap and a soft sponge. For a deeper cleaning, use sodium bicarbonate and hot water, let the product act for a few minutes and then rinse it with soap and water. So gleaming!